Start-Up Pitch Decks to make investors go, OH!

We help founders find investors, BY CREATING captivating pitch decks at start-up friendly prices.


Your start-up is a whirling mass of creative and commercial vision. A pitch deck is just 20 slides.

How do you decide what's truly important? How do you capture your investor's heart and head in a handful of words? How do you take them from a standing start to understanding it, loving it, remembering it? How do you make them go, "OH!"

Pitch Decks are a unique challenge.

services & prices

everything by OH! is tailored to start-ups, including our prices.

Curate your key strategic messages & translate into concise, powerful copy with a copywriter w/ 10 years' experience leading marketing comms.

Get market-leading design that delivers authority & credibility, instead of out-of-the-box templates investors have seen before.

Work 1:1 with an award-winning Brand Director & pitch deck specialist to clarify your brand positioning & write a captivating narrative.

You no longer have to do it all yourself, on your own. OH! works with start-up founders as an extension of your team, helping you curate your key content, condense it into powerful messaging, and bring it to life through market-leading design.

Articulate messaging.
Authoritative design.


Before signing up, discuss your  needs with OH! on the phone, to identify the best service for you.



OH!'s  unique two-stage Discovery Format is in 2 x 60 minute consultancy sessions, tailored to you to:
- Get to know your business
- Understand your desired result
- Identify key missing pieces
- Gather raw content for the Deck



OH! creates a bespoke content template - where you fill out the beginnings of key material to be worked up.

Custom Content Templates


Following discovery, you'll receive initial wireframes to agree structure, key messages, and any accompanying lead visuals.



OH!  translates everything into stunning design, integrating copy & design development into a single process for eye-catching results that attract both head and heart.



Your pitch deck is delivered in digital PDF format, packaged for email, so you can start connecting & pitching. Live pitching docs are delivered in Powerpoint.



For you, Delivery is just the beginning. OH! includes 'Aftercare', so that you can make amends following feedback, or tailor to specific investors during the investment round.


OH!  is an extension of your team - keeping lines of communication open and providing a second opinion whenever you need one. 




OH! is a pitch deck design specialist. If you're working with us, we can connect you with partners to help with the above.

OH! is not for you if...

You want great design to make you look real deal, but you're on a start-up budget.

You want to work with a human being; not create something 'out-of-the-box' , all on your own, with template software.

You want to wash your hands of the whole process. (We deliver bespoke work - so we work with you in a team.)

You specifically want help developing your financial model

You're looking for a general investment consultant to advise on investment strategy

You need help putting your key messages into concise, high-impact language.

You're looking to introduce & explain your business in a way that captures the heart & head of your targets.

OH! is for you if...

An end-to-end understanding of how to engage and attract investors.

investment know-how

For credibility, authority, allure, and an emotional connection.

graphic design

Writing punchy, concise copy that is self-explanatory - and sells.


Building a memorable narrative that takes investors on a journey

coherent structuring

The biggest pitfall for entrepreneurs trying to create Pitch Decks is the Skills Gap. Four skill sets have to work together in harmony. Freelancers typically have one of these skills - so it's up to you to figure out how to bring them all together. Bigger agencies often have the first three, with escalated fees to match. OH! combines all four, at freelancer prices:

Solving the 'Skills Gap' Problem

What makes OH! Different?

full services & priceS


10-15 Slide PDF Teaser Deck

Teaser Deck



get it, remember it, want more.

engage now


20-25 Slide PDF Teaser Deck

Full Deck


explore. clarify. get hooked.

engage now


10-12 Slide powerpoint Deck to accompany your pitch

Powerpoint Deck


support a traditional pitch

engage now

Need something else? If you are a start-up founder/entrepreneur who needs support with creating a brand, website, or design projects, get in touch to discuss your project. OH! also works on a quote basis providing branded marketing materials and websites.


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