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As a start-up entrepreneur, you will have many contexts where you'll need to explain your business, to many different types of people. With three packages, OH! covers a wide range of presentation & pitch decks.

However you're presenting your business... whoever you're presenting it to, you will need lively, stand-out presentation documents to bring it to life & make it easy to understand.


Our packages

Types of presentation we cover

- one -
teaser deck

- two -

- three -


Teaser Deck

sometimes called 'pitch deck 1'

- Approx 10 slides
- Large, emotive visuals 
- Concise, powerful messaging
- Key facts & data visualised

Goal for Audience:

Understand it, remember it, want more.

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PDF (Interactive Digital; option to print)

- one -


Informational Deck

sometimes called 'pitch deck 2'

- Approx 20 slides
- Really sells the vision
- Expand on unique qualities:

Goal for Audience:

Get hooked. Engage more deeply. Discover evidence that justifies interest.

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PDF (Interactive Digital; option to print)

Example areas:
• Your product or service
• Financials or operations
• Marketing & traction
• Any other selling data

- three -

- one -

- two -

- two -
informational deck


Powerpoint Deck

animated slides to go with pitch

- Approx 10 slides
- 10 minutes
- Large font; expressive visuals
- Subtle animation
- Visualised data

Best for:

When you want a traditional, click-along deck to accompany your live presentation.

*Often combined with Package One or Two.

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Powerpoint Presentation (.pptx)

- three -

- one -

- two -

- three -
powerpoint deck

OH! keeps pricing simple with three packages for presentations. These cover a wide range of presentation and pitch deck needs, and are defined primarily by length (number of slides) and format (PDF or Powerpoint). Pick a package, and tailor everything else to your needs.


Combined packages receive a discount of 15% off your total fee.*

*Where significant differences are required between packages, additional fees may be incurred.

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Since OH! works with lots of start-ups in their early pitch phases, we meet a lot of Founders who have other design needs.

OH! develops high-quality brands, and builds simple but beautiful websites for start-ups who want to present an authoritative front, without the high design costs.

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presentation type:

Marketing Presentations

Transcend your marketing messages, by making the viewer feel your brand, not just hear about it. Great presentations combine powerful imagery, storytelling, and copy to bring brands to life.


presentation type:

Product Presentations

For both consumers (and investors), it’s all about the brand experience – and a presentation is no exception. Make your product a visual, experiential delight – even when presented in a deck.


presentation type:

Traditional, Live Pitches

You may need to pitch in a traditional, ‘Dragons’ Den’ style.  Or, in addition to the information you send ahead and after your investment meetings, you may want to add live slides when presenting in the meeting, as well. For this, you can't beat a simple, high-impact Powerpoint Deck, to illustrate your points and breathe life into them.


presentation type:

Crowdfunding Documents - Investment Decks

On platforms like Crowdcube and Kickstarter, you’re appealing to everyone from pro investors to everyday enthusiasts. Capture the heart with a great narrative and powerful design. Convince the head, with the most important data, visualised beautifully. 


presentation type:

Pitch Decks for Business

It can be difficult to condense all the information you have about your business into simple, concise slides. OH! helps you combine clear messaging and stunning visuals to explain your business to anyone, from someone you'd like to join your team, to investors you'd like to target. 


presentation type:

Investor Pitch Decks & Presentations

Tell your story, trigger emotional interest in your investors, and explain your business in terms anyone can understand. OH! offers packages suitable for both “Pitch Deck One” - your short, impactful, teaser deck - and “Pitch Deck Two” – your more substantial, informative deck.


Branded Marketing Presentations

Investor Updates

Corporate Presentations

Crowdfunding on a platform like Crowdcube or Kickstarter

Traditional, "Dragons' Den" style investor pitches

Making direct contact with individuals who might invest

Pitching to grow your team

Product pitches to retailers

Tapping up personal networks

We'll work with you to develop the perfect presentation, whatever your goals:

Presentation Types


Our Process

Our process is adaptive to your needs, but structured around a few key steps.